People usually ask us....

Of course, we are not a library. We all have to have conversations with our customers and suppliers. As we are in an open plan space, we normally don’t disturb each other.

If you prefer more privacy, you can book one of our private offices.

For permanent workstations and private offices with 24/7 access, the minimum rental is only a month

We don’t ask for a deposit.

Of course, if you have a permanent workstation, you can leave everything you need for work. Your desk is only for you, nobody else should use it. We have security cameras for your peace of mind.

*In the event of it being a flexible workstation, you can’t leave anything. They are meant to be used with laptops.

If you have a permanent workstation or a private office you can come to work when you like, you have access 24 hours a day, every day a year. With your own key and alarm code, you can let yourself in when you like.

In the event of it being a flexible workstation, the timetable is from 09.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday

If you have a fixed workstation or a private office, you can register our space as your company address, besides receiving all your correspondence (including Amazon orders), even if you’re not at your desk, we can sign for it for you.

  • Use hand sanitizer as soon as you come into our coworking space
  • Don’t use the canteen, eat at your own desk.
  • Always use the same cutlery.
  • Avoid using air-conditioning and ventilate our coworking space by opening the windows.
  • At meetings and chats with other coworkers, please use a mask unless you do so from your own desk.
  • Please stay at home if you should have any symptoms and go to your GP, if you have a positive COVID test, please let me know.
  • For the greater good, avoid social events

We are called “Llum” for a good reason (It means light in Valencian) and we are surrounded by natural light. Our space is trimmed with windows and from sunrise to sunset, the sun is shining in and lights up our coworking space.

Thanks to all that natural light, our natural plants keep growing nonstop.

One of the advantages of working at a coworking space is being able to collaborate together on professional projects. Imagine how much we work hand in hand, to such an extent that a new company called Brote (new shoot) was born.

Brote is a joint venture among three freelancers (web design, photography and copywriting)

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