My name is Ariadna, although everyone calls me Ari.

I am founder of Llum, born in the lucky islands but already almost more Valencian than the garrofó, ah! and a crazy plant fan, you’ll see that at our cowork space everywhere.

We have been open since 2018 and here a lot of professionals from different areas (design, photography, personal shoppers, language teachers, translators, marketing people, engineers, videographers, copywriters…) have dropped in, as you see, we have a very varied environment, but always characterized by being a quie space which is full of good vibes. There are people who have been with us since we opened in 2018 and for some reason… nobody stays where they are not comfortable.

As a freelancer I have worked throughout my career in several spaces, but I always needed something else in order to be 100% comfortable. One day I pushed up my sleeves and decided to open my own coworking space: Llum

coworking por horas valencia

The name we chose precisely was due to all the light we have (Llum is light in Valencian) and I found the perfect name.

When I mounted it, I did not do it thinking as an entrepreneur, but as a freelancer. I was also going to work there, so I wanted it to be a place really focused on being comfortable at work and that the people who came felt the same as me: comfort, a pleasant atmosphere and having everything you need to concentrate on your projects.

The result is a space that I find beautiful with wonderful people who fill it with life every day (along with my plants).

A coworking office is a place where you not only go to work, you also find people who inspire you, who listen to you when you have a horrible day and help you whenever they can, to get out of the mental jam in which you can find yourself sometimes.

And even if it is something that sounds typical when you interact with other professionals, whether they are from your area or from another, many times common projects are created. For example, the last of these synergies consists of Brote, a creative studio that I am setting up together with a photographer and a copywriter who also work in Llum.

Our space has always been characterized by having a lot of movement and activities, from after-work parties, watching the final episode of Game of Thrones on the projector of  the meeting room  together, tuppersex meetings, wine tasting sessions or different meetups like WordPress and Beers or courses for Instagram..

It all seems very ideal, but it is true, that in the end it creates a very cool atmosphere. Don’t forget that we spend most of our time at work, what better place than in a space like this?

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