Rent permanent workstations at our coworking space

A place to work 24/7, where coffee never ends, and your mother-in-law won’t have a key.

Our fixed desks are made for people like you, who have decided to take the step of working away from home and they beat every expectation.

In Llum, we not only offer you natural light you will freak out about, but also, a perfect working environment, ideal for concentration and right in the heart of Colon street. Unlimited water and coffee, access any day anytime, meeting rooms, kitchen, beautiful people… I’m not asking you to improve it! Just equal it!


Everything included with the fixed desks in our coworking space.

We are often asked...

Sure, we’re not a library.

We all have conversations with customers and suppliers. As we are a Open plan space we do not usually bother each other.

All we ask of you is to maintain a normal tone of voice, not very loud and not talk while walking through the halls.

For fixed desks we require a minimum of one month. We do not ask for any deposit to guarantee the reservation of these spaces.

We offer you the possibility to run your business from our facilities. In addition, we manage the reception of all your correspondence, including orders from Amazon or other suppliers.

Even if you’re not at your post, we’ll take care of collecting your mail for you whenever it’s within our business timetable, ensuring you don’t miss any important shipping.

When hiring a fixed position, we give you the opportunity to make unlimited use of either of our two rooms, plus the booths, unrestricted access.

The only requirement we ask is to avoid abusive use to ensure that all coworkers can access these shared spaces.

You can access our space at any time using our mobile application or by entering a code at the door. In addition, we provide a remote to activate and deactivate the alarm to ensure the security of our facilities.

This flexible access gives you the convenience of working your own hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can leave everything you need to work. The desk is solely for you; no one else will use it. We have security cameras for your peace of mind.

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